The Record Is Out

The new Dylan Mondegreen album has just been released on LP and CD in Norway and North America. It’s also available on Spotify, iTunes etc worldwide. In a few days, the record will also be released in the UK and Japan.

The reviews so far have been overwhelming. All Music gives it 4,5 out of 5 stars, and says: “flawlessly written and performed, and produced with uncommon skill and grace — it’s likely one of the best singer/songwriter records of 2012, and most any year that came before.”

4,5/5: The Falcon’s Nest (US)

5/6: Bergensavisen, Fædrelandsvennen, Romerikes blad, Gaffa, Sunnmørsposten, Romsdals Budstikke, Tidens Krav, Firdaposten (Norway)

8/10: Blurt Magazine (US), Rhythm & Booze (UK)

4/5: Music News, Music Muso, AAA Music (UK)

7,5/10: Ondarock (Italy)

“A pop masterpiece” – Atlas and the Anchor (US)

“Increase with depth and interest on each listening” – Artree (UK)

“A masterful lyricist” – 405 (UK/US)

But don’t take their word for it, listen to the album premiere at Under The Radar and grab your copy today.